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SiR - You Can't Save Me (Official Video)

SiR - Chasing Summer out now!:

Production Company: TDE Films X AJR Films
Director: @HaitianEv
Executive Producer: Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith
Producers: Roberto “retOne” Reyes, Edgar Moreno & Angel J Rosa
DP: Jeff Kelly

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#SiR #ChasingSummer #TDE
MAYA Graves : I will never understand why men who know they can’t be committed to one woman get into a relationship? What’s the point if you know you not gone be faithful??? Men just be honest, you do more hurt than good when your dishonest. Great video btw ?
Sarah Ali : This is a gem??
Jasmine Jarmana : Andrae Hogg
Val love love : This man is a vibe ?????
Kwesi Snagg : What in the emasculation is this?
Social Distancing : ???
Tebello Mokgosi : Insecure Season 4, episode 5 brought me here. Love at 1st note heard ????
Chyna Reese : This album speaks especially if you been through things ?
Deivon Kemp : Nobody noticed that isaiah Rashad is in the video too? Lol
Yuli Zu : I'm gonna a die whit this song in Insecure.

SiR - Hair Down (Official Video) ft. Kendrick Lamar

SiR "Hair Down" out now:

Director: Jack Begert
Producers: Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith, Sam Canter
DP: Philips Shum
Video Commissioner: Angel Rosa
Creative Director: Karam Gill, SiR, Edgar Moreno
Creative Producer: Her Production
Production Manager: Eric Cook
Production Designer: Haley Appell
Wardrobe Stylist: Dianne Garcia
Editor/VFX: Neal Farmer & Jack Begert
Floating Car VFX: Andrew Finch
Colorist: Jacob McKee
Casting: @LVS.H
A Psycho Films Production

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#SiR #HairDown #KendrickLamar
kenyapp1 : I just discovered this guy a few weeks back. Where he been all my life? Such chill music
Laayks Bakes : this song is a vibe when getting gassed ???????????
Cris A : This dude really likes flying cars
corey otte : Am I the only one who finds happy little D Smoke in the front seat to be oddly funny
Kinney Kkinjj : Wtf I notice they car was floating ?????that’s sick
Melissa Mccomas : I love this song
Chanda Mulunga : SiR just launched like a rocket.
James Cooper : Smoking Marijuana till I ooh what ?! Wake up ???
Nê Na : Love u sooooooo.... e v e r y day
mse900 : When Kendrick brought out SiR at the Day N Vegas festival and they performed this song I fucking lost it!!! This is my shit!

SiR - John Redcorn

"John Redcorn"

A parody by Daniel Russell & SiR

Directed by: Daniel Russell & Dominic Polcino
Produced by: Casey Rup
Executive Produced by: Anthony "Top Dawg" Tiffith, James Fino, Nathan Scherrer
Produced by: Edgar Moreno & Roberto "retOne" Reyes
Characters by: Anthony Piper
Backgrounds by: Nike Dizon
Animation by: Ryan Agustin, Chloe Stewart, Nina Boyce, Shelby Nelson
Cleanup by: James Bristow
Compositing by: Sevan Najarian
Production Manager: Ross Clark
Production Coordinator: Chris Callison
Production Co: Starburns, Freenjoy, TDE Films
John Redcorn : This mf Spittin'....
Antonio Collie : Sounds like vintage frank ocean
Lexie Rafferty : This song is a whole ass vibe. I’m fried & in my feels sooo good????
Tae Kwon Joe : Peggy: "Jo-ahnnnn Redcorn"
John Redcorn: "Pe-eeeegy Hill"

King Of The Hill never gets old.
John Montbarron : Not only vibing to this track, it hits places in the soul didn't know had existed.

It reminded me of Kendrick's PRIDE.
Kae Coo Coo : seeing artists from your city rep it hit different ?
KALO : damn i found this on accident looking up john redcorn clips after realizing i am now john redcorn in my life
Dr Phil Is Always Watching : As a native who loves king of the hill and just discovered “chasing summer” and SiR, this is awesome ?
Ashley Hawkins : DAMN... THIS SHIT HIT HOME.. I LOVE IT ?❤️
Ninja Nogood : I play this song to keep me in perspective .




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