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Seiko SKA371 aka "BFK" Review

The Big Freakin' Kinetic ref SKA371 was a popular Seiko Kinetic diver in the early 2010s. I think it competes well with current offerings and has become an underrated watch. Check out the review!
CS Foong : Wished Seiko made these with automatic movements too.
YNWA 96 : I just love the absolute quality you get for your money!
I got mine free but after owning one for a month, ild pay £300 no problem at all!
The build quality feels amazing and im not a reviewer nor have i bothered to even check but, you could probally spend a bag of sand (grand) on an equivalent watch!
Its a proper chunky watch with the stainless steel strap and feels extremley good.
It feels about .5 kilo and thats alot of weight for a watch and I love it!
Ive never gone diving in my life and nor will i, im totally shit scared of sharks lol :P
onewheeldrone : It has a capacitor.
YNWA 96 : I've read a lot of reviews, most awesome but a lot of bad reviews about the kinetic movement to keep battery charged.
Can you recommend any slow rythimic art movies that will enhance the charging capabilities? Thanks
YNWA 96 : My stepdad gave me his yesterday! I have to say it's a really really nice watch!
For the money it has to be the best!
ポコポンシャオロン : Hello,♪ I'm Japanese.♪ from which I bought this wristwatch, too☺️♪⌚︎✨
tom smith : I had a lithium battery put in mine, now it holds a charge with no problem. They very, very accurate at less then 2 seconds fast per month. I have left it on my table for a week so far with no issues.
Michael Clonts : I'm fully aware of the quirks of a kinetic watch, but because it's cool design, I absolutely love my Ska367 Yellow BFK!
Michel Leduc : I have one like this and im really satisfy
Tom : No explanation of second button :(

SEIKO SKA371 Kinetic 200m Diver Review "BFK"

Deep dial makes the watch. The SEIKO "Caesar" classic arrow hands fit if you prefer those. Fits perfect I've had the mod done by Dr. Seiko.
Zen Jen Chen : Ive got mine for 7 years already. Its like having Thor's hammer on the wrist.
YNWA 96 : It moves like .5 second then after 1.5 seconds moves 2 seconds, is this normal, old much prefer a watch that would actually move in seconds man, my ocd man!
YNWA 96 : When I first got it the seconds jumped 2 at a time, I reader on google that meant low battery.
I noticed as I was driving fast round corners to the jewlerers that it was charging my watch and so the seconds were normal! Now it's like a staggered 2 second motion? I can't find anything about this on tinternet?
YNWA 96 : My step dad gave me his yesterday and I adore it! It's amazing, the build quality is superb!
I've been reading a lot of awesome reviews about it and all bad comments are about the kinetic charge :/.
1 review I read said it needed an estimated 34,000 shakes to ge to full charge :o!
I've been wanking 10 hours straight and my arms bout to drop off! Is there any way to see how much energy I've generated?
M B : I've had mine a year, amazing watch, I use it as a kind of smart g shock, built like a tank but looks good with a shirt on a night out.
M B : Anyone having trouble getting the charge indicator up to 30 seconds? Mine won't seen to do it, only just bought it, can anyone help?
joe kelly : The only seiko that,l outlast you . 330 ft dives . 5 motorbike crashes the watch was crushed by a van , climbed and camped on dozens of mountains .. im bolloxed but the watch is great after a new bezel insert and chrystal uber tough
Martyn M. : The second hand doesn't line up with the second markers. I hate that in a watch.
joe kelly : PPS, never serviced mine just wearing it or me to death .. its really accurate . oh did i mention its TOUGH
joe kelly : i can tell you now .i bought one of the first ..its TOUGH TOUGH TOUGH i dive climb hunt 3 motorbike crashes camp .. i broke both arms left arm twice , right leg fibia and tibia ..6 months later to the DAY (may 17-nov 17) booOOom same leg + wrecked pins from previous incident . but hey the watch still ticks

Seiko BFK great watches for cheap

Look where others aren’t, Seiko kinetic. Don’t be scared of the wizardry of them, you can service them cheap. Both of these ska367 and ska577 have new capacitor installed for $15 each. They hold charge great and keep time amazing.

Not providing link to charging, just search it up. Some interesting methods used and they work.
Michael Clonts : Love my Yellow BFK! It's a battery. Keeps great time.
Bosher Syed : God I love that black watch, and the one with the yellow dial, where can I get them from?
Michael Clonts : The SKA367 is hard to find in the wild. I'm lucky to own one.
boozedancing : Totally with you on this. I bought an SKA371 over 10 years ago. Had to change the capacitor a little while ago, but other than that, it's been rock solid. And re: the bracelet, while it is comfy and well made, it's way too heavy for my taste so I've been wearing it on a light gray Crown and Buckle Zulu strap. My son beat it up a bit for a couple of summers at camp, so it now has a snazzy "patina".

Great channel, Rob! Straightforward. Honest. Infinitely watchable. Keep up the good work!
Rob L. : This is my favorite Seiko, hands down. These are durable, beautiful and comfortable.
bcfbasil : I can't find those numbers SKA367 or SKA577 on either Amazon or Ebay? Are those the correct numbers?
Zoly : this waches cost 600€ they are not fucking cheap in germany minim is 1000€ also i dont like it , i can find a real clasic beauty for 20-50 € mechanic wach the old style in 2019 all waches copy the rolex submariner a piece of shit in my opinion like iphone he is copieted also
kthmarks : Good review Rob. I've had one for several years, an SKA371. Been a great watch. I need a replacement bezel insert. Black ones are super hard to find. Lots on Etsy and Ebay but are greens and blues. If anybody knows a reliable source, hit me up.
HD Imaging : I have the stainless steel version and love it. I used my Philips 3-candle Imageo (model SFL4121) electric candle charger and you get a full charge after about 4 hrs. I just drop it in one of the charging hole and leave it there for a few hours.
Steven Wymor : The actual capacitor used in the Kinetics is the same one used in the Seiko Solar movements, the Panasonic MT920. The only difference is the location of the tabs welded on the case for contact with the movement. If you search by movement number on Amazon, they run about $20.




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